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Book Detail Mini Example

A good starting point. This relatively small example demonstrates XML and XHTML templating, type coercion, validation, error messaging, and field label highlighting in a simple editable form.

Book Detail

A complex table layout with editable form fields. Demonstrates how to bind an XHTML element (in this case a TR) to a Collection to render the element iteratively; also shows an easy way to manage checkboxes.

Book Detail JSP

Same as the above, but shows how to use a JSP tag to nest an XHTML template (in this case, the one from the previous example) in a JSP.

Edition Detail

Somewhat more complex view that includes simple pagination. Shows how simple settings in the markup can be used to control visibility and editability of form elements. Also shows a couple of different ways to create dropdowns, as well as a generic way to manage radio buttons.

Book Search

Shows how to set up a search form used by an Action that fetches mock data from an XMLServiceAdaptor. Demonstrates how to set up a paginated ListView to browse the results. Each of the table rows in the ListView is an instance of the complex table from the earlier Book Detail example. Demonstrates reuse of several nested components, as well as ListViewAction, which implements all the list management functionality needed in this example.

Customer Search

The whole enchilada. Starts with a search screen that navigates to a sophisticated paginated ListView with sorting and filtering on columns, bulk modification of selected rows, and drill-down to an editable detail view. This one will knock your socks off!


An easy way to transfer values from one multi-select element to another. Shows how SelectionGroup instances can be paired so that changes to one are automatically reflected in the other.