Customer Search Example

The example below provides a search form you can use to search for customers. Clicking Search (it's not necessary to enter any search criteria, though you can if you wish) triggers a mock fetch from an XMLServiceAdaptor, and renders a page that displays the results in a sophisticated ListView complete pagination controls, sorting and filtering on column values, selection management, including bulk modification of selected values, and drill down to a detail view.


Notes On This Example

The fields in the search form are bound to FilterValue properties. For Strings that automatically enables prefix searches; that is matching a partial string. For Comparables, it automatically enables the comparison operators <, >, <=, and >=, so for example you could search for all customers whose ID is greater than 100 by typing >100 in the Customer ID field. Since Date is also a Comparable type, this works for dates as well, so you could, for example, type <1/1/2005 in the Customer Since field to search for those who have been customers since before the start of 2005. Of course these search terms can be used in any combination.

There are 500 customers in the XML 'database' for this example, so there's a reasonable amount of data with which to experiment. Customer IDs are numbered sequentially from 1 to help make it easier to figure out what's going on.